This just in…

 078DUMC Action News, here, live on the scene of an apparent hostage situation currently in progress.

We have one hostage, a 35 year old man. And a male captor of unknown age at this time.

We are currently at the home of the 35 year old man where, my sources tell me, this situation has become increasingly volatile.

Authorities are on the scene at this time. They have brought in a negotiator to communicate with the captor and hopefully end this situation as soon as possible.

I will update you as information becomes available.

This just in.

We are remaining on scene, at the home of a 35 year old male that had been thrust into an unimaginable hostage situation.

The chief negotiator, Dr. Allan Friedman has been one on one with the suspect for some time. It appears as if he’s trying to remove him from the scene. Negotiations are in progress.

I will update you as soon as information is available.

This just in.

Our chief negotiator has left the scene. The suspect remains, but is seemingly less powerful and angry at this time.

Updates on the 35 year old man are as follows: He is in a lot of pain. He is having extreme difficulty speaking and is disoriented.

But, the negotiator, in no uncertain terms, said that the man will be ok.

Back to you in the studiNOOO!!!!

WAIT! There’s a new captor on the scene! I say this in hushed tones, as the situation is growing more intense and dangerous by the minute.

It appears that this new captor is trying to hurt the victim in a way that is indescribable at the moment. They seem to want to make the victim sick in some way. Negotiators are enroute back to the scene with follow up.

Chief negotiator Friedman says that, indeed, this is a new captor and he’s just as, if not more, sinister than the first. Both remain with the man in the house, but apparently the second captor has taken over negotiations. It’s anyone’s guess at this time on how this situation will proceed. Tensions are very high here.

What we do see now is a HazMat crew, dressed in full garb, headed into the house! They are using chemical warfare to try to neutralize the second captor’s strong hold on the victim. It will take time before the outcome of this extreme measure is fully understood, but as of now, they are saying the second captor has been neutralized. They have promised the use of more chemical warfare if he should try to regain his power.

This just in.

The first suspect still remains with the victim. He’s requesting ransom.

It appears that instead of taking the victims life, the suspect will instead take his full ability to speak and his cognitive ability.

What is this? What kind of captor takes a persons ability to speak and to think clearly? How could they be so cruel? So incredibly and undeniably selfish and sadistic? This situation is a first for me, folks. A first in my 36 year career.

Chief negotiator Friedman has asked the suspect if he can talk to the victim. The suspect has agreed.

The man has emerged! His is pale, slight and has a look of fear and confusion on his face. Friedman is communicating, but the victim can’t talk. No everyone. It’s not that he’s refusing to talk, it’s that for some reason, despite their best efforts, the captors have managed to get one over on the authorities at this time. I am just as surprised as you are, guys. I cannot fathom how this will play out.

The next step is to bring in the big guns. This isn’t what the negotiators want to do, I’m told.

The big guns include the use of radiation and a more intense chemical weapon than before. They are discussing options. They want to see how the suspect responds.

Right now the victim, the 35 year old male, is trapped. The situation seems hopeless. The captor wants more than the man will give. He wants his life, but the man is adamant that he won’t get it. His resolve is strong and his fight is obvious, even from an outsiders point of view.

I’m told now that we wait. Wait? What the hell?! We can’t wait. This man may die, I tell you!!

Chief negotiator Friedman has explained to us that in situations like this, it’s best to wait and if the suspect tries to create a stronghold again, they will use their other options. He also is explaining that the man, now a 35 year old man named Chris, will have irreparable damage from the suspect’s, now named Chuck, first assault. He will have to learn to speak again and he will have to learn to orient himself in a disoriented world. The man, it was said, can only speak a few words at a time.

Apparently, the suspect got what he wanted.

What kind of hell is this man going to live in?

That remains to be seen, at this point.

Authorities have left the scene.

This has been DUMC Action News, reporting live from the scene of a Brain Tumor and it’s friend, Serratia Infection.

Back to you…


3 thoughts on “This just in…

  1. Jennifer Buckner Bledsoe says:

    I love that you have to make this story your own to keep going daily! Tell Chris we love him and are praying for him!


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