A Happy Little Misstep

My first attempt at a Daily Prompt….


Upon reading this word, I have two completely different thoughts.

Beginning and End.

Is it not true that a misstep can cause you to look at things in a whole new light?

Is it also true that a misstep can mean the end of something that was important to you?

I’ve experienced missteps in my life more than a few times. I think we all have. And I’d be willing to bet that most of us have pretty strong feelings that said missteps were either the beginning of a brand new chapter in our lives or the closing of an entire novel that we never imagined would end.

There was a time in my life, as a teenager, when I felt as if I was on top of the world. Remember that feeling? The no responsibilities, invincible feeling? I also felt, and had been told and lauded mercilessly, that I was the best singer this side of the Mississippi. So I sang. In school, in plays, for the Governor of North Carolina! And boy, that feeling was pretty great. All those eyes on me and then the applause for a job well done. After high school, I decided to sing at a HUGE university. Within about a week or so, I realized that I just might not be as good as I thought I was. Humbling. Oh, so humbling. So to compensate for this new found “flaw”, I began to fail my classes. I began, what later in life, would be called a misstep. I had all of the pieces to a perfect puzzle laid out in front of me and instead of choosing to put them together peacefully, I chose to toss them onto the floor and walk away.

I failed out of college. I failed out of college because my self esteem received a blow that I found devastating. Little did I know that this misstep would lead me to the school, that led me to the job, that led me to the career that would change my life.

I am a Paramedic. I hated college classes with a passion, but paramedic school was so enthralling to me. I enjoyed every single lecture. Every single hour of clinical and hospital time that are seemingly countless.

Dropping out of college because of my immature and damaged self esteem, led me to take a nursing assistant class to get by. That led me to a job in the Emergency Department at Duke University Hospital. And finally, that job led me to a love of emergency medicine that has no bounds.

So, I ran with that passion. I went to Paramedic school! I had a few rough starts, but in the end, landed in the right class, with the right instructor, at the right time, and with the right people to endure/enjoy the trials and tribulations that is Medic school. I had found my niche.

And it was all because of a misstep.



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