Brain Tumor: My heart is full


On this, the fifth day of Chris’ recovery from brain surgery to remove the golf ball sized malignant tumor from deep within his brain, a dear friend has set up a GoFundMe site to help our family. It is with a full heart and humbled joy that I share this link on my blog.

The family and friends that have prayed for us and sent words of encouragement cannot be thanked enough.

How does one thank someone for reaching in their heart and asking their God to watch over and guide the man that I love more than anything in this world?

How does one thank someone for reaching into their wallet without a second thought to help my husband and my children?

How does one say thank you for someone simply filling my heart with love and support?

The answer is, that I can’t. I can’t say thank you in the way that I want to. I can’t wrap my arms around someones heart and let them feel the warmth that I feel and have felt for the last few days.

Chris’ diagnosis has changed our lives and I believe it has changed some of yours, too. The comments that we have received have been so heartfelt that I know honesty and love has overflowed.

Please know that this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Your words haven’t gone gone unread. I have shed many tears reading your true feelings.

In the path of life, we all tend to drift apart from one another. We tend to forget the times that we shared and the good feelings that we made each other feel.

Through your comments I can hear your voices. I can hear your tears. I can feel your prayers and I can feel your truth.

Chris is loved by so many people. Even more than I think he ever imagined. His heart is bursting and as he would say, “I’m leaking”.

He has wept from your outpouring of love and I have wept from watching his reaction to the love that he had forgotten about.

Thank you for sharing yourselves with him, again. Thank you for showing him that he is loved. Thank you for being the foundation that we, as a family, can stand on when we feel as if ours has been pulled out from under us.

Your prayers give us hope. Your love fills our hearts and watching Chris react to your love incites a feeling in me that I can’t explain. No one will ever love that man more than me, but I am realizing that you, his friends and family, love him and support him. You see the Chris I see. You see the man that he has become. You see the man that gives his heart and soul to everyone and never expects a thing in return.

You have brought a light to his eyes that was darkened by the word cancer.

Thank you

I wish I could wrap my love around each and every one of your souls.


4 thoughts on “Brain Tumor: My heart is full

  1. Kristen Schuck says:

    Allison, you are a beautiful writer! Thank you so much for sharing what’s been going on from your side. I pray for you, Chris and your entire family. Chris will get through this. As you know, better than anyone, he’s a strong SOB!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the compliment, Kristen! I’m glad I can use my writing to get the word out about Chris and then to spread the word about brain cancer, in general! Your prayers are appreciated and your thoughts don’t go unnoticed. And yes, he’s a strong SOB and more than a bit stubborn!!


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